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Giving Back

Spiro is committed to improving the health and well-being of our children.

Studies show that kids are more stressed than ever. Just like adults, the amount of stress and demands children are experiencing is leading greater numbers of emotional disorders including anxiety and depression. Stress directly affects children’s ability to perform, cope, and grow. When children are anxious their academic performance drops.

Teaching children how to use SPIRO to stretch and breathe to cope with stress in school helps them now and throughout life to keep their bodies strong and flexible and their minds calm. This helps them perform better in school and sets them up to be able to respond and recover from stress as adults. It is well known that stress is a leading cause of disease.

Using SPIRO in schools cannot make the school day stress-free but it does provide students and teachers with a stress management tool that can help everyone reduce stress, feel re-energized, and ready to learn.

Spiro founder, Elena recently worked with P.E. teachers in East Baton Rouge parish to identify some of the key stretches and movements using Spiro they can share with students to keep them fit and flexible in their P.E. classes. SPIRO is an excellent mind/body intervention that can help manage stress and give kids the coping skills that are effective at reducing stress and leave the body feeling energized. 

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If you would like to incorporate SPIRO into your school’s Physical Education curriculum.