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Learn how to use Spiro in less than 10 minutes a day.

We are on a mission to help people stretch better and feel better.

Join us on a free 5-Day journey of conscious breathing and stretching to restore flow to your mind and your body.
Learn how Spiro makes it easy to keep yourself fit and flexible.

Spiro is an innovative solution for stress, pain, and stiffness in the mind and body that is low-cost and free of side effects. Gentle stretching with intentional breathing helps protect your mobility and independence.

Caution: Spiro may be habit forming and cause you great joy in your body. Try Spiro and see for yourself!

Are you looking for a way to feel healthier but don't know where to begin?

Welcome to your journey of

New practices are not always easy to start. However, we will help you dive in and practice better breathing and mindfulness to boost your overall well-being.


Intentional breathing effectively relaxes the mind and body.


​​Stretching is an essential part of staying active and healthy. Flexibility, functional mobility, and athletic performance all improve with stretching.


Science shows combining intentional breathing with stretching is a powerful way to bring the body and mind back into a balanced state.

Do you want to feel better?

Learn how to use Spiro to take better care of your mind and body at home, at work, at the gym, on the mat, after your workout, while traveling, or even while watching TV on the couch. Now is the time to give yourself the encouragement, confidence, and tools you need to get back in control of your health. It’s easier than you think and feels amazing. Here’s your chance to learn how to move your body better in an easy way. Our bodies need movement. Stretching is proven to be effective. Spiro makes it easy and enjoyable to stretch better, breathe better, and feel better with its elegantly simple design.

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The 5-Day Challenge Schedule

Every morning you'll receive an email with info & instructions for the mission of the day

Day 1:

Spiro Basics

Day 2:

Desk/Chair Stretching

Day 3:

Post Work-out Stretching

Day 4:

Spiro for Low Back, Hips & Knees

Day 5:

Spiro for Mind and Body Stress Relief and Relaxation


Meet your coach

Elena created the Spiro out of a passion for living well and helping others live well. She wanted to create something that was quick, easy to use, and doable in just 5 to 10 minutes a day, based on her experience teaching yoga for over 25 years. As Spiro’s founder, her hope is to encourage others to prioritize their well-being so that they may live long and happy lives with their family and friends.

What People Are Saying...

Ann M., Yoga Student
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“The Spiro Stretcher gives me the extension I need to touch my toes and relieves tension in my shoulders and neck. I never got into stretch bands, but I love this!”
Mona, yoga student
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“It’s more versatile than a yoga strap and I can get deeper into the stretch than just my hands.”
Nancy, yoga student
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“Stretching was boring to me, but the Spiro makes it more interesting and fun. I find new areas to stretch. And it’s an effective stretch.
Tera M., Physical therapist
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“Better than stretch bands.”
Mendy, yoga student
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“I love using it because it takes the place of a strap, knee pad, and block.”
Susan M., yogini and R.N.
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” It makes my back feel great!”

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