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SPIRO is the ultimate stretching tool that makes it easy, effective and fun to stretch anywhere, anytime. It’s portable design makes it the perfect travel companion for your next trip.

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All I can say is wow! Spiro is absolutely fantastic. I see tremendous use for this for all levels of people who practice yoga from medical yoga to the more advanced person. ”

So many ways to use your Spiro

Physical Therapist Brenna Barzenick demonstrates how to do simple and essential stretches for hamstrings, the low back, feet, and balance improvement with Spiro.

Remember to consult your personal physician before beginning a diet or exercise routine. Consistent stretching maximizes your results.

Easy 10-Minute Routine: Perfect at any time of your day.

Dear Health and Wellness Lovers,
If you are experiencing discomfort, stiffness, or simply want to improve your health and wellness routine, Spiro is a valuable, easy-to-use tool to improve your overall well-being.

Spiro was created by Elena because of her lifelong passion for living well and helping others live well. The story begins with the death of her father, a physician who died of a heart attack at the young age of 51. Eight days later, her 28 year-old brother also died from a heart attack. These two premature deaths set her on a quest to understand how to keep herself and others healthy.

She remembers her father being stiff and frequently having back and joint pain. He used to tell Elena that she could learn to do anything that she wanted if she practiced just 5 minutes a day. She wishes that her father and brother had taken 5 minutes a day for self-care. This is why she created Spiro.

According to health professionals, two out of every three people will experience chronic back pain at some point in their life. Here’s why:

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No Stretching

​​Stretching is an important part of staying active and healthy. Stretching helps relieve tension in your muscles and joints, improves flexibility, and enhances mobility. Not stretching can lead to more serious health concerns such as muscle spasms or ruptured discs.

Poor Posture

Poor posture is when your spine curves forward or backward. Having poor posture causes the muscles in your back to work overtime. This can lead to sore muscles and an achy joints.


Stress can cause your muscles to tense up, which in turn puts pressure on your spine and makes your bones press together. This pressure can then lead to back pain or spasms that make you feel like you are having muscle cramps.


It doesn't matter what type of exercise, or how much exercise, just make sure you are getting some sort of physical activity every day. Back pain is often caused by the lack of activity in the back muscles, which then causes them to become tight and inflexible.


Stretching • Meditation • Physical Performance • Physical Therapy • Balance • Yoga

Stretching is a great way to improve your flexibility and get the blood flowing.

With each stretching session, you can measure your progress by looking at your flexibility level.

As you stretch, you apply tension or pressure to the muscles you are working on.

Breathing deeply and evenly allows the body to relax, which in turn opens up your muscles and joints, making them more pliable.

Does Spiro fit into my life?

Whether this is your first time getting into fitness or if you have been working out for years, we know that everyone has their own unique needs when it comes to learning about new activities like stretching.

All people should stretch because it helps them feel better both physically and mentally as well as improving overall health too! And now thanks to Spiro anyone can start feeling better today no matter who they are or where they live.



Regular stretching relieves sore muscles and eases joint pain. More stretching leads to more flexibility and functional mobility. As you hold a stretch, breathe through the resistance.


Muscles get tight as a result of stress and being sedentary. Stretching increases your ability to adjust your balance, preventing you from falling.


Adapt stretches to your specific needs. Put your attention on your breathing and gradually reposition your body. As a result of a good posture, more oxygen and nutrients are provided to your brain and muscles.

How to begin?

Spiro uses the power of your own bodyweight to build strength, flexibility, and balance. You don’t need any experience or special skills – just follow along with our videos and you will see results on your health in no time!
We all have busy lives so we made it easy for anyone to fit Spiro into their schedule. All you need is at least 5 minutes a day 3 times a week. And if you miss a few days or weeks, no problem – just pick up right where you left off without missing a beat.


Is it Kid-Friendly?

Yes! The Spiro can be used by the entire family. Kids love the Spiro because they think they are playing with a new toy, without knowing the multiple benefits it brings to their lives at a young age.

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What People Are Saying...

Ann M., Yoga Student
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“The Spiro Stretcher gives me the extension I need to touch my toes and relieves tension in my shoulders and neck. I never got into stretch bands, but I love this!”
Mona, yoga student
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“It’s more versatile than a yoga strap and I can get deeper into the stretch than just my hands.”
Nancy, yoga student
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“Stretching was boring to me, but the Spiro makes it more interesting and fun. I find new areas to stretch. And it’s an effective stretch.
Tera M., Physical therapist
Read More
“Better than stretch bands.”
Mendy, yoga student
Read More
“I love using it because it takes the place of a strap, knee pad, and block.”
Susan M., yogini and R.N.
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” It makes my back feel great!”

Spiro is truly a game changer for personal health. It is an ideal “health-empowerment” tool for use at home, at work, at school, in yoga and physical therapy programs, athletic programs, and in senior adult settings. A daily 5+ minute habit of stretching and consciously breathing helps maintain our mobility and overall health.

When gentle stretching is combined with conscious deep breathing, the benefits multiply as most of toxins in the body are released through breathing. Did you know that is how fat leaves the body? Through respiration.

Take a deep breath, grab your Spiro, and gently stretch all your muscles and joints. You will feel better right away. With Spiro, all people can incorporate and normalize the habit of stretching, just like brushing their teeth. The Spiro is to the body and mind what dental floss is to the teeth. We all know that taking time for self-care is important and Spiro makes it easy to say yes to the healthy life we all deserve.

Love, Elena

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